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The Introduction of SMD Assembly:

The resulting electronic device is called a surface mount device (SMD). Industrially, it has largely replaced the via construction method of mounting components that have leads to the holes in the board. Both technologies can be used on the same board, while through-hole technology is used for components that are not suitable for surface mounting, such as large transformers and thermal power semiconductors.

The production process is accelerated by the use of SMT, but the risk of defects increases due to component miniaturization and denser board packaging. Under these conditions, fault detection is critical to any SMT manufacturing process.

The SMT component is typically smaller than its corresponding via via because it has a smaller lead or no lead at all. It can have various types of short pins or pins, flat contacts, solder ball matrix (BGA) or terminals on the component body.

XD is the expertise of the SM T process.

SMT Process:


The main advantages of Xinda' SMT :

1. Smaller components. As of 2017, the smallest component is the metric 0201, the size is 0.25mm × 0.125mm

2. Higher component density (components per unit area) and more connections per component. Components can be placed on both sides of the board.

3. The connection density is higher because if the component is mounted only on one side of the PCB, the hole does not block the wiring space of the inner layer and does not block the back layer.

4. Small errors in component placement are automatically corrected because the surface tension of the molten solder aligns the components with the pads. (On the other hand, the via elements cannot be slightly misaligned because once the leads pass through the holes, the elements are perfectly aligned and cannot move laterally without misalignment.)

5. Better mechanical properties under shock and vibration conditions (partly due to lower quality, in part due to smaller cantilever)

6. The junction's resistance and inductance are lower; therefore, less unwanted RF signal effects and better and more predictable high frequency performance.

7. Better EMC performance (lower radiated emissions) due to the smaller radiating loop area (smaller package size) and lower lead inductance.

8. Need less drilling. (Drilling PCBs is time consuming and expensive.)

9. Use automation equipment to reduce initial costs and batch production time.

10. Simpler, faster automatic assembly. Some placement machines can hold more than 136,000 components per hour. Many SMT components cost less than equivalent via components.

PCBA Workshop :



1. What does Xinda need for a customized PCB order?
A: When you place a PCB order, please kindly send us Gerber file and specification.

2.What does Xinda need for a customized PCBA order? 
A: When you place a PCBA order, please kindly provide Gerber or pcb file and the BOM list to us.

3.How much the shipping cost of samples?
A:Tthe freight depends on the weight and packing size,as well as your area.

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