SMD EMS PCB Assembly

Product Details

Based on IPC process standards, Xinda provides automated SMT assembly, micro BGA assembly, PCB assembly, PCB CAD, reflow soldering, wave soldering and hybrid technology printed circuit board assembly for electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

Product details:

Products Name: SMD EMS PCB assembly

Condition: New

Customized: Customized

Certification: RoHS, ISO

Base Material: Fr4

Layers: Multilayer

Mode of production: SMT

Metal Coating: Gold

Origin: Shenzhen, China


As an electronics manufacturing service provider, we offer the following services:

• Electronic R&D

• PCB manufacturing

• PCB rework

• SMT PCB assembly

• Through hole PCB assembly

• BGA assembly and repair

• Stripping

• Conformal coating

• Prototype assembly

• Electronic Engineering

• Turnkey assembly

• Small pitch IC soldering

• Enclosure


To ensure that the parts we supply meet even the most stringent requirements, our printed circuit board assembly department typically offers the following services:

1. Check and check the specifications to ensure that the SMD components are properly packaged, stored and processed in accordance with the MSL classification.

2.  Identify sensitive components to avoid thermal and mechanical damage during SMT, including lead-free and low temperature requirements at high temperatures, according to the latest J-STD-020 standard

Tin-lead assembly.

3.View component specifications for ESD, MSL processing and reflow profiles according to the IPC J-STD-020 standard.

Evaluate PCB layout, including board thickness, pad size, surface finish, solder mask alignment, component density, pitch and orientation.

4.Design the thickness and hole size of the template, use solder paste material and set the reflow profile to ensure solder joints meet IPC-A-610 standards.


The equipment in our PCBA facility includes:

- functional, electrical and online test equipment

-Optical microscope

-Multi-field welding machine

-Full view high speed pick and place machine

-BTU reflow soldering machine

- Wave soldering machine


1. How long have you been engaged?

Since 2001, we have been providing printed circuit board and PCB assembly. EMS service.


2. Do you handle PCB fast turnaround?

We are good at making fast turns. We can flip 1-2 layers in one day, and it takes 3-5 days to build them for 3-4 days of PCB.


3. Can I get a PCB prototype from you?

We have a very powerful front-end system and the ability to handle multiple prototypes every day.


Contact below:


mobile phone:+86-18098922617

Skype: xingdapcbsales1




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