Smd Light Circuit Board

Product Details

In Xinda, due to their properties of low power consumption and RoHS compliance,  these LEDs circuit board has the widest range of potential applications. For electronic applications, they provide crisp and bright color. For industrial applications, they provide reliable performance and customizable variety.


The specification:

Name: smd light circuit board

Solder mask: Green. Red. Blue. White. Black.Yellow

Material: FR4 /aluminum/ceramic

Service: One-stop Turnkey Service

Base Material: Aluminum

Surface Finishing: HASL

Min. Line Spacing: 4mil

Certificate: ROSH. ISO9001. UL

Application: Electronics Device


The advantage of SMD light circuit board:

1. Surface mount LEDs have low power consumption, compact design and cost-effective, and are extremely durable.

2. Surface mounted LEDs are smaller than lead assemblies and are ideal for space-constrained board sizes and equipment. In addition, leaded LEDs are more resistant to shock and vibration and have more pins in the package.

3. Surface mounted LEDs are lightweight, making them the best choice for mobile devices.


Quality Assurance:

1. Always insist on using high-quality materials suppliers, at the expense of profits

It is also necessary to achieve quality priority and ensure the interests of customers.

2. Trusted electronic components

Massive brand, massive stock inventory, one-stop with single service, one-stop original authentic supplier.SMT pcb

3. Production and testing equipment imported from the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries helped us improve our manufacturing and testing capabilities.

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4. ERP order management system, fast response, to make a quick sample on time and on time.

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