Smt Pcba Service

Product Details

Basic info:

Model Name: Surface Mount SMT assembly

Metal Coating: Gold

Mode of Production: SMT

Layers: Multilayer

Base Material: FR-4

Certification: ISO, RoHS

Customized: Customized

Condition: New


Xinda SMT quality control process:

*The production line is equipped with high-end equipment, high precision and high output processing.

* Quality check and control during each processing step to prevent defective products from flowing to the next step.

* Set up multiple quality personnel for random inspection.

1. dozen cardboard: test whether the SMT placement position is correct, greatly reducing the SMT trial production time and parts waste, effectively ensuring the quality of SMT

2. intelligent first detector: detecting the wrong material, missing parts, polarity, direction, silk screen, etc., mainly used for the first part of the test; compared with manual detection, the precision is higher, the speed is increased by 50% +

3.SPI Automatic 3D Solder Paste Thickness Gauge: Detects the quality of solder paste printing, such as missing, less tin, tin, tin, bias, shape, board contamination

4.AOI: Check the problem after placement: short circuit, lack of material, polarity, offset, part error

5.X-ray: Open circuit and short circuit detection of BGA, QFN and other equipment


SMT pcba:

Advanced high-precision equipment can help our independent R & D team to design almost PCBA for customers.

The precise design makes the PCBA also have good performance in the corresponding field.

As an electronics manufacturing service provider, we offer the following services:

• Electronic R&D

• PCB manufacturing

• PCB rework

• SMT PCB assembly

• Through hole PCB assembly

• BGA assembly and repair

• Stripping

• Conformal coating

• Prototype assembly

• Electronic Engineering

• Turnkey assembly

• Small pitch IC soldering

• Enclosure



1. If your board has quality problem, what can you do?

A: If the problem caused by us, we will be responsible for that. We will reproduce boards or return the fee to you. But if the problem caused by customers’ design, customers should be responsible.

2.How many produce lines do you have ?

A: Xinda has 8 SMT lines,2DIP lines.

3.How is your production Capacity per Month for FPC?

A: 50,000 Square meter


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