Snow Machine PCBs Board And PCBA Mounting And Assembly

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Professional OEM/ODM manufacturer of snow machine main PCB and snow machine PCBA, we can provide turnkey service from manufacturing PCB main boards, providing components and SMT/DIP assembly. Our snow machine PCBA has high durability and long working life. Because of the good quality and integrity, our company is welcomed by many companies.


Layer: 2 or 4 layers
Material: FR4 94V-0

PCB Thickness: 1.5mm 
Final Copper: 1oz
Min Hole size: 0.3mm
Min line Width/Space: 0.2mm

Solder mask: Green or yellow
Legend: White
Surface: ENIG/Immersion gold

Warp and twist: ≤0.75%
Outline: Routing and Score
Certificates: UL, ROHS, ISO9001


Our strict quality control system for PCBA:

1. E-test for PCB.

2. IQC for components.

3. AOI test

4. PCBA function test

5. FQC