Toy Remote Control Car PCB PCBA , Toy Remote Control PCB And PCBA Assembly

Toy Remote Control Car PCB PCBA , Toy Remote Control PCB And PCBA Assembly
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We are the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturer with 10 years experience, specialized in single-sided, 2-layerd, multilayer and high density interconnector (HDI) PCB. We take strict Japanese-pattern management, so please trust us with your orders!


Type: Rigid Circuit Board
Dielectric: FR-4
Application: Communication
Mechanical Rigid: Fexible
Material: Fiberglass Epoxy
Flame Retardant Properties: V0
Processing Technology: Enig
Layer No.: 1-38

Certification: UL, ISO9001, Rohs, so on
Our PCBs are used for auto industry, high power led, Office Appliance, electric toy, machinery, industrial lighting and so on. 
Our Corporate Vision: To become the world's most trustful PCB
Our Corporate Values: Excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation and integrity, green.
Our Quality Target:
1.Production pass rate>99%
2.Timely delivery rate>98%
3.Customer complaint rate<1%
4.Customer satisfaction rate>99%

Our advantages 
1)  High-end, Small volume and Various kinds of PCBA service offered;
2)  Speedy, Flexible and one-stop service in PCBA;
3)  Assembly and Purchasing service offered, all components  are promised to be purchased 100%   
      from Original factories or their pointed agents; 
4)  Transparent quotation,cost and benefit are detailedly opened to customer;
5)   With professional Engineers and Long-term successful experience in cooperating with 
      customers inland and overseas, all new projects can be developed faster and better than expected;
6)   With USA or Japan imported tin cream and tin bar, and 100% AOI testing during production, 
      all PCBAs we made are more reliable.

Our remote control PCB assembly services and technologies

Surface mount assembly — Components are mounted by placing them directly onto the PCB’s surface.

Through hole assembly— Components are mounted by inserting leads into holes which are then covered by solder.
Mix technology assembly — Both Through-Hole and SMT components are housed on the PCB.
Turnkey PCB assembly—Based software and onshore PCB manufacturing to make developing printed circuit boards fast and hassle-free


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