Vending Machine PCBs Board And PCBA Assembly And Mounting SMT

Vending Machine PCBs Board And PCBA Assembly And Mounting SMT
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We have got UL ,CQC TS16949 and ISO14000 certificates ,so we can sell safe printed circuit boards&pcba to all countries  over the world . We promise to use new and original materials and components. Because of the good quality and integrity, our products are exported overseas.

PCBA Application:

It is widely used in:  Industrial control PCBA panel/Motor control PCBA board/ Appliance controlPCBA panel and so on.

PCB technical parameters:

Layer: 2

Material: FR4 , ROHS compliance

PCB Thickness: 1.5mm 
Final Copper: 1oz
Min Hole: 0.3mm
Min line Width/Space: 4/4mil
Solder mask: Blue
Legend: White
Surface: HASL
Outline: Routing and Score
Inspection Standard: IPC-A-600H/IPC-6012B, Class 2/3
Certificates: UL, ROHS, ISO9001


Our advantage:

1. PCBA fabrication,patch,plug, after welding,testing, assembly and mounting,Packaing and other processing one-stop service,which can effectively control the production cycle and product quality control.

2. High effectively test:.AOI test, In-Circuit Test(ICT),functional Test(FCT)Standard.

Production process:

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