Portable Ventilator For Breathing

Portable Ventilator For Breathing
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Product Details

Technical Specification

Patient TypeAdult&Child(>3.5kg)
Ventilation ModesA/C-V with sign,A/C-P,SIMV-V,SIMV-P,SPONT/PSV,CPAP,MANUAL
EnhancementsApnea back-up ventilation,Manual breath,Alarm silence
Parameter Setting
Tidal Volume(Vt)

0-2000 mL

Pinsp5-50 cmH₂O
Psupp0-50 cmH₂O
CPAP(NIV)0-30 cmH₂O
PEEP0-30 cmH₂O
Pressure trigger-20-0 cmH₂O
Flow trigger2-30 L/min
Frequency(f)1-120 bpm(A/C),1-40 bpm(SIMV)
I:E ratio4:1-1:10
Pause time(Tpause)0-5 s
O₂ concentration40-100%
Inspiration flowMax. 90 L/min
Monitoring DataMV,VT,Frequency(f),FiO₂,Ppeak,PEEP
Waveform DisplayP-T,F-T
Alarm Setting
High MVOFF,1-25L
Low MVOFF,0-24L
High FiO₂OFF,50-100%
Low FiO₂OFF,35-99%
High Paw6-80 cmH₂O
Low Paw0-40 cmH₂O
AC power failureGas supply down
O₂ deficiencyMV high
Low batteryNo VT
ApneaCP high
LanguageChinese,English,Spanish,Italian,Turkish,Other languages
Environmental Requirement
Operating condition-18-50 ℃
Storage condition-20-60 ℃
Relative humidity
Operating condition
Storage condition10-95%
Barometric pressure
Operating condition70-110 kPa
Storage condition50-110 kPa
AC voltage100-240V,50/60Hz
DC voltage12V
Battery run timeMinimum 4.5 hours
Battery typeNickel-cadmium battery
Gas Supply
Supply pressure(O2)250-600 kPa
FlowMax. 180 L/min
Physical Specifications
Main unit weight
3 kg(exclude trolley)
Dimension(H*W*D)168*156*300 mm
LCD screen5'' TFT
Communication PortsRS232

With advanced technology and versatile ventilation  functions, 510S respiratory work station meets the  breathing requirements of adult and pediatric.

Complete Ventilation Modes 

1.The device hosts six ventilation modes.  

2.Besides the conventional Volume-Controlled ventilation  mode, it also has Pressure-Controlled ventilation mode,  

3.SIMV and CPAP modes.  The machine can provide a precise tidal volume.  

4.It also provides inspiration hold and manual breath,  one-button operation, and is thus incredibly convenient. 

Ideal O2 Delivery 

1.With its advanced technology, the range of FiO2 can be  set from 40% to 100%.  

2.Furthermore, this range can be adjusted continuously.

Clinical Enhancements 

• Manual breath 

• Inspiratory hold 

• Alarm silence 

• Pre-use test

Working Scenarios 

• Ward, Emergency Department, Sub-acute Care Unit

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