Ventilator Machine Medical Equipment

Ventilator Machine Medical Equipment
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Product Details

Technical Specification

Tidal Volume20~2000 ml
Respiration Rate1~80 bpm
Tinsp0.2~9 s
Tslope0~2 s
Tpause0~4 s
I:E Ratio1:10~4:1
Trigger SensitivityPressure (-20~0 cmH2O, above PEEP) ;Flow (0.5~20 LPM)
PEEP0~35 cmH2O
Psupport0~70 cmH2O
Pinsp5~70 cmH2O
Special ProceduresApnea Ventilation;Smart Suction;Manual Breath;Insp/ Exp Hold;ETCO2 Measurement;Nebulization;Waveform Freeze
Pressure ValuePpeak, Pplat, Pmean, Pmin, PEEP
Volume / Flow ValueVti, Vte, MV, MVspont
Time Valueftotal,fspont, I:E
Real Time CurvesPressure-Time, Flow-Time, Volume-Time waveforms  Pressure-Volume, Volume-Flow, Flow-Pressure loops
Gas MonitoringFiO2, ETCO2
Calculated ValuesCompliance(C);Resistance(R);MVleak;RSBI;WOB;PEEPi
AlarmPaw high / low;MVe high / low;Circuit disconnnect;FiO2 high / low;Inspiration / Expiratory tidal volume low;High Respiration Rate;Apnea;AC Failure;Nebulizer On;Low Battery;Air /O2 supply down;High / Low PEEP;Leakage out of range;Occlusion
Technical Data
Screen10〞High score LCD
Supply GasO2, 0.28~0.6 MPa
Power SupplyAC100~240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Communication InterfaceRS-232 Port, Nurse call Port, Ethernet Port
Dimension (WxDxH)322 mm x 375 mm x 366 mm (Main Unit);547 mm x 675 mm x 950 mm (Cart)
Weight25 kg


LCD display

With pressure and flow waveform display

With real-time monitoring 8 kinds of respiratory parameters

With Test Lung

With independent medical grade humidifier

Trolley with patch board,oxygen cylinder slot

With full face mask and SD card


Pressure:4-30 cmH2O

Trigger adjustment

Cycle adjustment

Slope adjustment


Stable Condition Phase 

• PRVC and BIVENT employ lung-protective strategies, delivering intelligent ventilation 

• Comprehensive lung mechanics monitoring include compliance, airway resistance, PEEPi and time constant 

• Three waveforms & three loops with user-friendly display provide a continuous monitoring of the patient's condition 


Weaning Phase 

• Various ventilation modes enhance the weaning process 

• The unique trigger and leakage compensation system safeguards each and every  patient breath resulting in smooth and comfortable breathing, avoiding extra workload on the patient and promoting recovery 

• RSBI and WOB provide accurate reference for weaning 

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